All buyers are required to have a bidder’s number. You may register for a bid number during viewing or during the auction. There is no charge for a bid number.

A catalog is available for a nominal charge for most auctions. Conditions of Auction are listed in the catalog. We offer catalogs by subscription or single copy.

This applies ONLY to commercial (non-government) property.
As a convenience to bidders, Bentley’s publishes pre-sale estimates of the value of each lot for most auctions. Estimates are intended as a guide and should not be considered a prediction of the selling price. Estimates are subject to revision without notice. Please contact our Department Specialist with any questions.

This applies ONLY to commercial (non-government) property.
Under special circumstances, Bentley’s can arrange for you to bid by telephone. To arrange for a telephone bid please contact our office by 3:00 PM Thursday prior to auction. Telephone bids are executed under the Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to accept or deny any and all telephone bid requests, which are given at the buyer’s risk and for which we will not be held responsible in case of error or failure to bid.

This applies ONLY to commercial (non-government) property.
For those unable to attend the auction or who must leave before the conclusion may submit an absentee bid on the Absentee Form available from the office. The bids will be executed in competition with the bids on the floor. All bids will be subject to the Term and Conditions for commercial (non-government) property. The bids must be in writing, complete with a signature, and accompanied by a twenty-five (25%) percent deposit. We offer this service in an effort to assist our clients and will not be held responsible for error or failure to execute bids.

All purchases must be paid for on the day of auction unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. All buyers are required to pay for and remove their purchases within the allotted time allowed after the auction. Payment can be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or checks with a bank letter of guarantee. Texas Sales Tax of 6.25% or New Mexico Sales Tax of 5.563% will be charged on all applicable purchases unless a current certificate of resale is on file with our office. Tax numbers must be registered at the time a bidding number is issued.

Purchases may be removed once satisfactory payment is made. All purchases must be removed within the allotted time after the auction unless special arrangements have been made. Bentley’s reserves the right to charge storage fees and will adhere to the Conditions of Auction.

Bentley’s may, at our discretion and as a service to buyers, arrange to have purchased lots packed, insured, and forwarded at the request, expense, and risk of the buyer. Bentley’s assumes no responsibility for acts or omissions in packing or shipping by Bentley’s or other carriers. All transportation, including packing, handling, insurance, and the like is at the sole risk of the buyer.